VBS Brain Storm

So… VBS this year.  Anyone else doing Group’s VBS this year?  Weird Animals?  When we first looked at it, we were less than excited.  Keep in mind this was way before we knew anything about it.  All we had was this one picture of their main set and the name.

Weird Animals VBS Decorating Set Image

The title didn’t have us dreaming big.  We really couldn’t think of anything except Dr. Seuss books when we looked at the picture.  Big fuzzy trees and strange imaginary plants.

Then we thought:  well why not?  Why don’t we go for something similar to Dr Seuss’s jungle of nool.  That could be cool.  So we went to our old friend Google.  I Googled Seussical Set.  And found this beauty:

From the Nisbett Family News

And this one:

Seussical Set by wetojoby wetojo on deviantart

I showed these photos off to some people (people being Seth and my boss 🙂 )  who thought they were just as cool.  On a side note- my boss is someone I also consider a friend- he is the youth director at our church and the big-man in charge of the childcare we opened there.  The childcare is where I get to hang out everyday.  Anyway, both guys liked the photos.   Seth and I talked about the possibility of carving the stairs from foam.  Of course they wouldn’t be functional… but Scotte (my boss)  was excited about the idea of real stairs for use by our dancers and leaders up front.  

So then, our stuff came in from Group and they posted all of their set stuff online.  I spent a few hours watching their videos and dreaming up ideas inspired by them.

I love these flowers.

And I was super inspired by this tree.

 I really love how all those little things hang down all over the place.  I want to build a giant one in our sanctuary.  It’s a big space with a super tall ceiling, and now we have a lift to get things waaaay up high!  Exciting!  I can’t wait to get started!  Our next step will be to talk it through with our team at church and see what will be possible for this year.  Keep Dreaming!  -Lindsey

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