It’s been awhile…

Hello all! Wow. It’s been a minute since I’ve been on the blog. So much has happened!

When I started blogging years ago, I felt the need to provide easy set ideas for other churches to use. I’ve searched the internet for my own purposes and never found anything similar. Sometimes I’m just looking for inspiration. Sometimes I need to learn how to create something specific. YouTube is sometimes helpful with learning new things. But set creations and painting techniques are harder to find! Let me know in the comments if you have ever seen anything like that!

Anyway, I started blogging because I felt that need myself. Other churches had begun to take notice of our stuff and asking to rent our pieces, etc. People always seemed to have this idea that building a set was so hard! But seriously, if you have someone with just a little bit of creativity in your churches you can do this! Like I’ve said before, my husband and I have no formal training and when we began we really didn’t know what we were doing either. We attended some breakout sessions at children’s ministry conferences that got us excited and gave us ideas and we just went for it.

At that time my husband and I were doing set work as volunteers. We both have full-time jobs and so set was kind of just a hobby and took a backseat to other things. Since then, my job description in the church has changed a bit. My technical title is Director of Outreach for Kidnect but my responsibilities are kind of all over the place. I am the assistant director in our childcare program, I build sets for both of our children’s ministry locations, I teach chapel and I am the lead teacher and program coordinator for our school age program. Which means, I can finally focus on set stuff (plus this blog!) during the workday! I hope to get this blog up and running with some new content very soon! I hope to see you back here then!



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